FiberNext 2018 Training Programs and Course Descriptions

Certified Fiber Optic Technician Program (CFOT)
3-day certification program

In this fast paced program, students will learn the fundamentals of fiber optic transmission theory from the ground up. Beginning with safety and handling, students will then be exposed to all of the elements in a typical fiber optic network including the various cable types, connectors, interconnecting hardware, installation methodologies and industry standards used. Students will also be trained on the types of equipment used to test and troubleshoot installed fiber optic cable. The program also includes mechanical and fusion splice restoration techniques for damaged cables. The program is highlighted by hundreds of samples from dozens of industry manufacturers and incorporates a series of hands-on labs to expose students to the art of pulling indoor/outdoor cables, preparing cables for termination, installing fiber connectors, splicing fiber cables, inspecting connectors and certification testing of fiber systems with OTDRs and OLTS testers.

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Custom Training Solutions
2-5 day fiber programs

FiberNext can provide unique fiber optic training services, geared to meet your unique goals and tailored to your specific industry. Over the years, FiberNext has created specialized courseware for some the following industries and applications:

  • Military/NAVSEA Mil-Standard 2042
  • Renewable Energy, Solar & Windfarm SCADA
  • Industrial Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Network Broadcasting & High Definition
  • Government Military Contractors
  • WAN/Outside Plant Wireless Backhaul
  • Power Utility Contractors
  • Power Utility & Power Generation Station Operators
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Operations working with Optics
  • Ski Resort Operators
  • Transportation & Commuter Rail
  • And dozens of others
At FiberNext, it’s our mission to understand your training objectives and respond with the most impactful training delivery possible. One that matches your technical proficiency goals, while offering streamlined delivery, flexible scheduling and managed costs. Call our customer service department to ask about these customized training solutions and how they can benefit your organization.


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